Credit Union 1 Arena

Credit Union 1 Arena Lower Level Side Seating


Interactive Seating Chart


  • Sitting Here for a Concert

    Outside of floor seats, lower level side seats at Credit Union 1 Arena have to be the next best seats at the venue. All sections in the lower level side sections provide an ideal view of the show. The sightlines from these seats are great. Although you can't go wrong with any seat, we recommend checking our pictures of seat views to determine which section you prefer.

    Sections 102, 117, and 116 may be located behind the stage and are often not available for purchase.

    Sections 103 and 115 are ideal. They provide an exponentially better view compared to those in the lower level corner or lower level end.

    Sections 104-105 and 114-115 are similarly great views. Since this is a relatively small arena, lower level side seats are basically like sitting in one of the front few sections. Lower level side seats at Credit Union 1 Arena are well worth the money.  -

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