Credit Union 1 Arena

Floor 3 at Credit Union 1 Arena


Floor 3 Seating Notes

  • Head-on view of the performance for end-stage concerts
  • Related Seating: Floor Seats (for concerts)

Row Numbers

  • For most concerts, rows in Floor 3 are labeled A-N, AA-SS

Interactive Seating Chart


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      With a direct, unobstructed view of the show, floor seats at Credit Union 1 Arena provide the most ideal view of a concert at the venue. Although coming it at the highest price point, the floor seats are worth the money if you're seeing a show that you love. Formerly known as UIC Pavilion, Section 1 in the floor level at Credit Union 1 is located within the first few rows, while floor sections 2 and 3 fill out the back rows of the floor. If you're looking forward to a show at Credit Union 1 arena, consider buying floor seats. Note that the exact layout of floor seats may vary for each show. 

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