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Section 214 at Credit Union 1 Arena


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Row Numbers

  • For most concerts, rows in Section 214 are labeled A-M
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row A

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  • Section 214 Reviews

    Lower rows are Better

    Nov 2019

    Section 214, Row M, Seats 3-4

    Even though we were in the last row, I was surprised how much the ceiling came down instead of up. This created a very awkward and restrictive view. The stage isn't obstructed, but you feel enclosed. If I had to guess the lower rows of the upper level did not experience this as much. The best seats are definitely on the floor or in the lower level, but I decided to go with the cheap seats, so I can't complain!

    • Upper Level Side


      Located on the balcony above the lower level side sections, the upper level side sections are closest to the stage. Coming on the sides of the stage, the upper level side sections are the most popular 200 level sections and provide a comfortable view of the show. Lower lettered rows are the best option in the upper level side sections, as higher rows can be uncomfortably close to the ceiling. While your view won't be obstructed, rows J land lower provide a better view of the concert.  

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    • "Good Not Great"

      (Section 215) - -

      Credit Union 1 Arena is a good place to see mid-tier artists. It gives an arena feel without being very big. These seats had a slight angle to the stage and one of the speakers blocked the majority of the stage behind it which was annoying. I would have much rather sat in the upper level centered ...

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