Chesapeake Energy Arena

Lower Level Side Seating at Chesapeake Energy Arena Concerts


Sitting Here for a Concert

For a traditional end stage configuration, seats in Sections 106 and 115 offer some of the safest and best options in the permanent seating bowl as you will stay close to the action with good elevation above floor level, and unlike closer neighbors, you won\'t have to worry as much as a potential side angle view.

However if you can find tickets in section 107 seats 1-6, or section 114 seats 13-18, you can get even closer and still typically have a good angle to the center of the performance. Sitting in seats 7 and higher of section 107 or in seats 1-12 of section 114 potentially put you at risk of side stage view during a traditional end stage performance.

Sections 105-106 and 115-116 will have you closest to the middle of Chesapeake Energy Arena, making for the very best seats during a show which features a stage in the center of the floor.

Seats in sections 104 and 107 keep you closer than other lower level options in the corners and one the end, however you will be left with a big head turn to see a traditional end stage when sitting as the seats face straight ahead.


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