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section 320, row a seat view  for basketball - paycom center

Features & Amenities

For OKC Thunder games, the Upper Level at Paycom Center is known as Love's Loud City.

Most upper level sections have twenty rows of seats with row A located at the front.

Balcony Seats

Some tickets on this level are labeled Balcony or Premier Balcony. Because of their sideline location, these are the best and most expensive seats in Loud City.

Despite the Premier designation, there are no special benefits to the Premier Balcony; it's simply the first row of seats.

Mezzanine and Plaza Seats

Mezzanine and Plaza are other labels that fans will find on their tickets. These are the "next best" set of seats. They contain the upper rows of sideline sections, all corner seats and the front row of end sections.

Loft Sections

The cheapest tickets at a Thunder game are found in Loft sections. These are sections on the ends of the arena. Their view of the court is usually obstructed by the basket.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "MY FIRST GAME "IN PERSON" - EXCITING, but see better @ home:( "

      (Section 303) - -

      I have a problem with stairs. The purchaser of the tickets was told these seats were comparable to handicapped seating. Hope not. Seats were very restrictive in leg room. I STILL LOVE THE THUNDER

    • "Excellent despite height "

      (Section 308) - -

      I was not disappointed with these seats, even though we were very high. I was on the half court line so saw both ends equally. We didn’t miss out on the possibility of a t-shirt being shot at us. Personally, I think my seats were comparable, all things considered, to a season ticket holder’s.

    • "Miami Heat at Oklahoma City Thunder - Mar 18, 2019"

      (Section 317) -

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