Sleep Train Arena

Sleep Train Arena Lower Level Baseline Seating


Sitting Here for a Basketball Game

When looking to save money on the lower level, the corner sections will offer a better view, however the baseline sections will be your absolute cheapest option before having to move up to the 200 level.

You'll want to avoid Seats 11-18 in Sections 108 and 120 as these are directly behind the baskets, and it will be a frustrating experience trying to follow the game with the basket structure and shot clock impeding the view. Instead opt for Section 119 where you'll be further from the basket viewing issues, and closer to the Kings bench. With ice cream just outside Section 121 and the team store nearby, these seats are also a good option if you're bringing the family to a game.

Premium Kings Row seating is available in the first two rows of all sections here (Rows KR1-KR2), treating fans to in-seat food and beverage service throughout the game.

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Ratings, Reviews & Recommendations

  • "Better than an HD 3D TV!!"

    (Section 120) - -

    Great Seat location, felt as if we were actually pat of the action at most times