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One of the most exciting ways to experience a concert at the Golden 1 Center is to purchase a ticket on the Floor. The Floor is the most exclusive area in the arena and usually features the best atmosphere.

Reserved vs. General Admission Floor Tickets

There are two types of Golden 1 Center Floor tickets: reserved and general admission. A reserved ticket has an assigned section, row and seat. Fans will find a folding chair on the Floor that directly faces the stage.

A general admission (GA) ticket may contain a row and seat number, but these can be ignored. A GA ticket gives fans access to a specific area on the Floor, but spaces are first-come, first-serve.

Floor Section Numbers

Most reserved Floor sections are numbered. In the most common setup, sections 1-3 are at the front of the floor and 4-6 make up the rear Floor.

General Admission sections can have a number of different names, though most have a "GA" label. A section labeled GA Floor typically takes up the entire Floor, while a GA Pit section tends to be much smaller.

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  • Floor Seats Reviews

    V101 Holiday Jam Featuring Ludacris, Ja Rule, and Ashanti - Dec 7, 2019

    Dec 2019

    Concert Review
    Floor 1, Row A   Verified Customer

    These were amazing seats! Get to see really up close, music sounds good and clear. Only thing I would say since I was so up close my ears are still ringing the next day from the music being right next to me. So if you are sensitive I would recommend wearing ear buds or something? They do have security standing right there also.

    Eric Church - Nov 22, 2019

    Nov 2019

    Concert Review
    Floor 1, Row E   Verified Customer

    Great seats! The stage was set up nice how it came out close to the floor seats. Eric church was AMAZING at making sure everyone felt like they had front row seats ❤️


    Feb 2018

    Concert Review
    Floor 6, Row 2, Seats 1-4

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