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Sitting Here for a Concert

In a traditional end stage layout, floor sections 10-12 keep you as close as possible to the action while the very best views are found in floor section 11 thanks to the head on view of the stage. Sections in the center of the floor (11, 14, 17) typically have 16 seats in each, so the center most views will come when sitting in seat numbers 8-9.

Along the right side of the floor (sections 12, 15, 18) there are usually 14 seats per row for an end stage performance, and as the lower numbered seats are on the right side of the row, you will want to be in the higher numbered seats to be closest to the stage. Sections on the left side of the floor (10, 13, 16) also typically have 14 seats in each, however you will want to be in the lower numbered seats here to be closer to the performance.

In a traditional seating layout, the front floor sections (10-12) normally begins with row A at the front and end with row U at the back. Middle sections (13-15) have seating from row A at the front to row T at the back for most end stage performances, however it is not uncommon for the seating in section 14 to stop at row K to make room for a mixing booth behind. At the very back of the floor, sections 16-18 normally feature seating from rows A through G for most end stage performances, although section 17 can often be removed to accommodate the mixing booth.  -

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