Allstate Arena

"Nice angle to the stage with plenty of legroom"

Seat Review From Section 216, Row E, Seat 54
Nov 2013


I sat in Section 215 Row E Seat 54 for the BSB, 98 Degrees, B2M show in July. My seat was just to the left of the railing at the end of the section, but had a great angle to see both of the stages with relative ease. When I got to the seat, I was initially worried that it would be right in the middle of my view, but I was pleasantly surprised that it didn't impact my sight lines to either of the two stages set up at the Allstate Arena. I was also treated to a good amount of extra legroom between my seat and the railing, so it was great to stretch out and have that extra space for comfort.

Although had I been sitting here for Depaul Basketball or Chicago Wolves hockey, that railing probably would have been infuriating for watching the action at the near end of the arena. The section was very large (54 seats in my row), but is divided into three areas by the two aisles that run down through all the rows, and my seat was just 5 rows from the aisle on my right making it easy to get in and out in spite of the large number of seats.

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    • "The Upper Level Is Better Than You Think"

      (Section 213) - -

      I'm used to seeing arena shows at United Center where the upper level is really far away. The 200 level at Allstate isn't so bad for a concert. Especially when you consider the tickets are priced similar to the 300 level at United Center, these seats were a pretty good deal.

    • "Great view.... very cramped"

      (Section 213) - -

      Loved being front row balcony but the seats allowed no leg room at all. Disappointed with that but the show was great!! (TSO)

    • "Tunnel Vision"

      (Section 213) - -

      In the last row of section 213 for the BSB show, and there was a lot to contend with when it came to viewing the action on the floor. Banners and flags hanging down from the top of the arena made it feel like I was watching the show through a tunnel. I couldn't help by look up at the decorations h...

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