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Best Seats For a Concert at Allstate Arena

The most common seating layout at Allstate Arena for concerts is an end-stage setup with the stage located near sections Section 105, Section 106 and Section 107. For many concerts there are also slight variations to the layout, which may include General Admission seats, fan pits and B-stages.

view from Allstate Arena Floor seats
Floor seats - like those in Floor 2 - are among the most sought-after tickets

On the Floor: Sections Floor 1, Floor 2, Floor 3 and Floor 4 are Floor Seats, which offer some of the closest views of the performers. For many concerts, floor sections are added or removed. These performer-specific adjustments may alter the floor layout and the views from each floor section.

To the Side of the Stage: For close views of the stage with a little bit of elevation, consider seats to the side of the stage in Section 102, Section 103 and Section 110. The view is not head-on like on the floor, but many of the seats are closer to the stage, provide better elevation and are actual stadium seats.

head-on concert view at Allstate Arena
Section 215 offers a comfortable head-on view for end-stage shows

Head-on to the Stage: Seats directly across from the stage, like those in Section 114, Section 115, Section 214 and Section 215 provide the most comfortable looks of the performance.

Even upper level sections offer unobstructed sitelines. Just keep in mind that you won't be able to see as much detail from these seats as you would if you sat closer to the stage.

Consider the Following When Buying Concert Tickets

Seats behind the stage are occassionally sold: Unless your main objective is to just get in the building, you'll want to completely avoid anything behind the stage - like those in/near or above sections Section 105, Section 106, Section 107 and Section 108. It's unlikely the performer will turn around to salute you - and you're more likely to be completely blocked out from seeing the show.

If you're on the shorter side (or bringing kids), consider floor seats only in the first few rows: The most common complaint amongst floor ticketholders is that they can't see the stage because of taller people in front of them. As an alternative, consider side sections near the stage that will still have you close and high enough to see.

Lower level side sections are not created equal: While the side sections closest to the stage are top-notch, side sections farther from the stage may leave you with a cramp in your neck. Sections 101 and 112 are not well-angled towards the stage - leaving you to turn your head for an ideal view. Instead, consider head-on sections in the lower level or even close side seats in the upper level like 203 and 210.

Floor Seats for Concerts

  • Floor Seats - Floor Seats at Allstate Arena are the sections located closest to the stage at event level. The size and layout of Floor sections changes from show-to...

Home & Visitor Bench For Basketball Games

Home Bench - For most basketball games the home team players sit in front of Section 110

Visitor Bench - The visiting team sits in front of Section 111

Allstate Arena Seat Views

Allstate Arena Seating Reviews

  • "Nice angle to the stage with plenty of legroom" - - I sat in Section 215 Row E Seat 54 for the BSB, 98 Degrees, B2M show in July. My seat was just to t...
    Section 216, Row E, Seat 54 / Concert Review
  • "Tunnel Vision" - - In the last row of section 213 for the BSB show, and there was a lot to contend with when it came to...
    Section 213, Row S, Seat 1 / Concert Review
  • "Close to the action! Can be difficult to see." - - These seats were great! They were very close to the action and you can't beat the value of going to ...
    Section 112, Row E, Seats 8-9 / Hockey Review
  • "Center Views, But Far From Concessions" - - The views from Section 215 were almost right down the center, and I had great viewing angles to both...
    Section 215, Row R, Seat 7 / Concert Review
  • "Behind the action, but still close to it all" - - My seat was almost behind the stage in section 209, but it was still an exciting place to be when th...
    Section 209, Row P, Seat 3 / Concert Review
  • "Front row on the second tier" - - Very cool views for the Backstreet Boys, 98 Degrees, and Boyz II Men show! Front row of the section...
    Section 212, Row A, Seat 15 / Concert Review
  • "Avoid the left half of the section" - - From section 204 seat 21 I was basically behind the stage on the upper level of seating at the arena...
    Section 204, Row P, Seat 21 / Concert Review
  • "Nothing special, be prepared to look left" - - Although the section was close to the middle of the arena, these seats felt far from the action. Th...
    Section 201, Row O, Seat 16 / Concert Review
  • "Nothing better than glass seats!" - - Sitting on the glass is always a great time, even at an AHL game. These seats were near the neutral ...
    , Row AA, Seats 9-12 / Hockey Review
  • "Pray for Short People" - - The floor is great, but there are definitely some potential risks if your angle to the performer is ...
    Floor 6, Row 25, Seat 7 / Concert Review
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