Allegiant Stadium

Allegiant Stadium 400 Level Corner Seating


Sitting Here for a Football Game

The 400 Level Corner sections have the most variety in Allegiant stadium. All of these sections are small, so even if you have a Raiders ticket in the back of these sections you won't be too far from the front of the section. A good portion of the sections in the 400 Level Corner are comprised of 7-9 rows. However, a lot of the sections are also comprised of 12-13 rows. Once again row 13 can feel much further away from the action in the 400 level than row 6 or 7.

It will be difficult to determine which player is which in these seats. Meaning that if you are looking to see whether or not a specific wide receiver or running back is in the game it will be hard to tell. However, you will still have great views of the entire field. The atmosphere is incredible for Raiders games, so expect cheaper seats in this area of Allegiant Stadium.   -

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