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Features & Amenities

Allegiant Stadium has a few different Suite options. Among these, fans will be most familiar with the ones known as Traditional Suites.

These Suites are located on both sides of the field below the 300 Level and are sometimes referred to as 200 Level Suites.

On the East side, Suite 2001 is below Section 303, Suite 2036 is below Section 321 and Suites 2018/2019 are at midfield.

On the West side, Suite 2037 is below Section 329, Suite 2070 is below Section 347 and Suites 2053/2054 are closest to midfield.

These boxes include seating exposed to the field, private seating on the interior, televisions and additional conveniences. Most Suites are sold in season-ticket packages, but some are offered on a single-game basis. For single-game suites, amenities vary by seller.

When purchasing tickets here, review the seller notes to determine if you are purchasing an entire Suite or a single ticket within a shared Suite.

Please note: Due to health and safety protocols in 2023, food availability, club access, wait service and other amenities are subject to change without notice.

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