Allegiant Stadium

Section 125 at Allegiant Stadium


Section 125 Seating Notes

  • Section 125 is a student section for UNLV games

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 125 are labeled 2-37
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 37

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 125 Reviews

    • 100 Level Endzone


      The Lower level endzone views at Allegiant Stadium offer the most affordability for a lower level seat at a Raiders game. These seats come with a bit of risk and reward. Sections 142,144 and 101-103 offer some of the best views in the stadium of the north endzone. However, if the action is happening on the south side of the field your views won't be the best. The same goes for sections 121-125 on the south endzone of Allegiant Stadium.  Section 101 is right in the center of the north endzone and section 123 is in the center of the south endzone. Most of the sections in the endzone have rows that go up to 27. However, section 121 goes all the way up to row 35. 

    • The Black Hole


      The Black Hole is the notorious Raiders cheering section. This area has a reputation for being loud, passionate and maybe even a little rude to visiting fans. The most vocal fans will occupy the lower rows in the South endzone. The Black Hole doesn't have assigned sections or seats at Allegiant Stadium, but the front rows of sections 121-125 will be occupied by the most die-hard Raiders fans. Families and those cheering for the visiting team may want to avoid this area. 

    Event Schedule

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    • UNLV
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