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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 102 are labeled BBB-CCC, AA-DD, A-U

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  • Section 102 Reviews

    Tooooo loud, distorted

    Jun 2018

    Section 102, Row S, Seat 34

    Soooo distorted and I had trouble distinguishing Fagens voice from the backup singers. I will never sit this close again. I went up to the grass area which yielded a better sound. Go figure. Great view yet terrible sound.

    Nickelback - Jul 9, 2023

    Jul 2023

    Section 102, Row I   Verified Customer

    Visually, the seats were fantastic. Audibly, it was actually painful sitting there even with earplugs. We ended up moving way back in another seat to hear the main show.

    Front and Center!

    Oct 2019

    Section 102, Row F, Seat 8

    This was an EDM show and it was absolutely pulsating right here! Row F is ten rows from the stage and section 102 is right in the middle. Awesome spot!

    Great view of the stages.

    Aug 2015

    Section 102, Row U, Seat 36

    Could easily see the main stage as well as the smaller stage in the lawn area. Easy access to the seat. Accoustics was fabulous.

    Pentatonix 2023

    Sep 2023

    Section 102, Row M, Seat 29

    • Lower Concourse Sections


      Lower Concourse seating is home to the best views for a performance at Shoreline Amphitheatre. Located close to the stage and featuring stadium-style elevated seating, fans stay close to all the action with excellent sitelines to all areas of the performance. While the seats in Section 102 provide the best views from the center, this section has the least amount of protection from over-head canopy. If you don't mind sacrificing the head-on view, most seats in Section 101 and 103 have good coverage, and will be protected from the sun or rain. Rows and Seat Numbers  Lower Concourse sections have double-letter rows (e.g.: AA) at the very front (except for Section 102 which has a few triple-letter rows in front), followed by single-letter rows at the back. As a general rule, the closer you are to the stage, the fewer seats there are in each row. For example, the front row of Section 102 has just 8 seats, while the last row has 50. 

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "All the Way on the Side"

      (Section 101) - -

      Seat 1 is the farthest seat to the side. So this was the fourth seat in. I really expected a much worse view. I could see some of the lighting getting in the way at some shows, but I was pleasantly surprised.

    • "Pentatonix - Sep 12, 2023"

      (Section 101) -

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