Huntington Bank Pavilion (at Northerly Island) concert

Huntington Bank Pavilion
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Section 101FROM $342
Section 102$333
Section 103$429
Section 104$264
Section 105$380
Section 201$170
Section 202$193
Section 203$215
Section 204$296
Section 205$210
Section 206$193
Section 207$170
Section 301--
Section 302--
Section 303--
Section 304--
Section 305--
Section 306$138
Section 307$170
Section 308$160
Section 309$139
Section 310$150
Section 311$145
Section 312$140
Section 313$150
Section 314$145
VIP Boxes 1-10--
VIP Boxes A-Z--

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  • GA Floor
  • GA Pit
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