Huntington Bank Pavilion (at Northerly Island)

Huntington Bank Pavilion (at Northerly Island) VIP Box Seats

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Features & Amenities

The Huntington Bank Pavilion at Northerly Island features two distinct VIP seating areas above Sections 301 through 305. Seating ranges from folding-style chairs to table-style seating on comfortable chairs.

Whether you're sitting at a VIP table or in one of the VIP boxes, you'll have an elevated view of the stage from a side angle. The elevation of these seats makes it easy to see the stage - something that the floor does not guarantee. However, the side angle doesn't provide the best sightlines and may leave you yearning for something with a more head-on view.

Overall, the VIP seats at Northerly Island are a great way to get comfortable seating and exclusive amenities in a venue notorious for large crowds and long lines.

When purchasing tickets here, please see the seller notes to ensure VIP amenities are available for your concert.

Club Access and Amenities for Boxes A-Z

For most shows, VIP seats are located within the VIP Club and offer full access to the covered two-story club lounge. The lounge features a buffet and modern outdoor furniture in an elevated area with views of the stage.

An outdoor patio with tables is another part of the exclusive club and is the perfect hangout for drinks or snacks before or after the show. Private air-conditioned restrooms are also attached to the VIP Club.

In addition to club access, box seats and tables typically come with in-seat wait service, a VIP entrance and VIP parking opportunities.

Boxes 1-4

On the west side of the venue are Box sections 1-4. These boxes seat four guests with a well padded seat. It is a great option for a small group that wants a dedicated space. Amenities for these boxes vary by show.

Please note: Due to health and safety protocols in 2023, food availability, club access, wait service and other amenities are subject to change without notice.

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    VIP Box Seats Seating Chart

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    Perfect VIP Seats in Box D

    Sep 2018

    VIP Box Seats

    This was my first time at Northerly Island and the show I wanted to see was primarily Pit seating. Not wanting to stand the whole time, I spent the extra money to sit in the Boxes, and I'm glad I did. First, I showed up about 10 minutes before the band I wanted to see went on. And when I arrived there was a long security line to get in. But not for me. With a VIP ticket I was able to enter almost instantly. I wanted to grab a beer before the show as well, which would have been near impossible with the lines in the general seating area. But once I made my way to the VIP Club (located directly behind the seats), I was met with much shorter lines. The seats themselves are padded folding chairs, which are more comfortable than what everyone else is sitting on. And there were only 4 seats in a box row so not a lot of getting up and down. I was seated in Box D, which I thought was pretty good. Box A will have the worst views, but it's not really that bad. Sound could have been better, which I do think was a problem with being off to the side. Overall, this was a great place to sit. Awesome views of the city, comfortable seats and an easy experience overall. Highly recommended!

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