AT&T Stadium

AT&T Stadium Basketball Seating Chart & Interactive Map


Recommended Seats

Recommended for Seeing The Action

Seats in sections C109, C110, C111 and C112 are among some of the best options for seeing the action at AT&T Stadium .

Recommended for Impressing A Guest

Seats in sections C208, C209, C210 and C211 come highly recommended for impressing a guest at AT&T Stadium .

Recommended for Partying And Socializing

Seats in sections 425, 426, 427 and 428 were hand picked as great places to sit for partying and socializing at AT&T Stadium .

Center Court

Giving you the best straight away views of the court at AT&T Stadium from every level of seating.

Fan Favorites

Behind the Bench

The Home bench is located just in front of Sections C108 and C109 at AT&T Stadium . is the best way to search, compare and buy tickets. Select an event to find out why!

Event Schedule

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