AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium)

AT&T Stadium (Cowboys Stadium) Field Seats for Concerts

Features & Amenities

Field/Floor sections at AT&T Stadium are some of the best seats for a concert. Fans will be seated in the exact same spot where their favorite Dallas Cowboys play.

Nearly every concert at AT&T Stadium has a different seating and stage layout. For most shows, lettered field sections face the east end of the stadium where the stage is set-up. Other shows place the stage in the middle of the field with field/floor seating circled around.

Most field sections have reserved seating and guests will have a folding chair to sit on. The seats are not elevated so fans seated farther back may be obstructed by fans seated (or standing) in front of them.

Some concerts also feature general admission sections on the floor. Instead of reserved seating with chairs, these areas are first-come, first-serve and ticketholders are expected to stand throughout the performance. General Admission tickets at AT&T Stadium are usually labeled GA Floor, GA Field or GA Pit.

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