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Popular Seating Areas

  • Diamond Club
  • Dugout Club
  • Behind the Marlins Dugout
  • Behind the Visitor Dugout
  • Behind Home Plate
  • Lower Level
  • *Lowest price among all baseball games at Marlins Park

Fan Ratings & Reviews

  • "The First Base Side is the Shady Side at Marlins Park" - With the roof open, some seats at Marlins Park are much better than others for protecting yourself from the sun. The fir...
  • "Favorite Seats: Section 21. Row 17. Seat 4" - Section 21
  • "Favorite Seats: section 21 row 30, seat 8" - Section 21
  • "A Lot Going on in These Seats" - First off, 24 seats in a row in a lower level section on the infield is unacceptable. These seats were in the middle of ... - Section 8
  • "Double Railing Means You Can't See Home Plate" - The original season ticket holder for these seats refused to accept them because you can not see home plate from seat 1.... - Section 319

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Section 19 is behind the Marlins dugout
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