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Section 319 Seating Notes

Row Numbers

  • For most events, rows in Section 319 are labeled A-J, WC
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row WC
  • When looking towards the field/field, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 319 Reviews

    Double Railing Means You Can't See Home Plate

    Apr 2012

    Baseball Review
    Section 319, Row B, Seats 1-2

    The original season ticket holder for these seats refused to accept them because you can not see home plate from seat 1. There are two railings in the way which obstruct your view while sitting normally. You have to sit uncomfortably to watch the batter/pitcher exchange. You do have a really nice view of the jumbotron though. The concessions were average. The nachos had chipotle cheese which is much better than most ballparks. The chicken wasn't very good. Beer is expensive at $9 from the beer vendor and $8.50 at a concession stand. Lines were very short. Did not use the restroom near this section because it was near impossible to get out of the seats. Though this was seat 1 and 2, these are NOT aisle seats and there is only one way out of this row. You have to climb over about a dozen other seats to exit this row. Not a lot of leg room in this section, but the seats had a decent angle on them which made them OK for stadium seats. If you care about watching the game or have any type of anxiety (there are two railings but you don't feel that safe) , these seats have to be avoided.

    Terrible seats

    Apr 2012

    Baseball Review
    Section 319, Row B, Seats 1-2

    The seats were decent, but i expected a lot more. Their was no room to be able to possibly get to the restroom, and you were literally forced to look at the railings while watching the game. I really dont recommend buying or purchasing tickets for these seats.

    • Vista Level


      Vista level seating is located on the highest tier of the stadium and features some of the most affordable seating in the inner bowl of loanDepot park. For Baseball Games  Sections 306-310 and 319-322 extend closer to the infield and the most desirable on the level. Sections 311-318 are located above the suites below so they are slightly higher than the rest. However, being directly back from home plate gives these seats a good angle to all corners of the field. Section 303 is the best option on the right field side as it will be close to good concession options and the bar located in outside section 302. On the third base side we recommend section 324 for its great views on the video board in right field. For Football Games  Fans looking for a good sideline view should look in sections 306-309. These seats run along the only sideline that has seating options. The remaining sections in the level will result with a corner or endzone view. Sections 321-323 have a surprisingly good sightlines to the field - especially for fans seated in the lower rows. 

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