All seats in Section 103 will be above the floor level, with more height in the higher numbered rows.

The section has a total of 20 seating rows, starting with 1 at the front (lowest to the floor), and ending in row 20 (highest from the floor in this section). For the best viewing heights in Section 103, we recommend rows 6-10 as these will give a good positioning above floor level while remaining close to the front of the section. However, there is still a possibility that your view will be less than desirable if you have taller fans sitting just in front of you.

If you are seeing a show during which the Staples Center is configured with a traditional end stage setup (stage stretches across the floor between sections 114 and 117), we would recommend choosing Premier 5 or 14 over Lower Level Section 103. Seats in Premier 5 or 14 would be closer to the performance for a traditional end stage performance, featuring wider padded seats, and no more than 9 rows of seating for easy access to and from the concourse.