Staples Center

Is Section 110 Row 16 a good place to sit at Staples Center?

Jan 2013

Answered by staff...

Section 110 is located on the lowest tier of stadium seating at the Staples center, and has a total of 20 numbered rows running from Row 1 (closest) to Row 20 (furthest). At Row 16 you will be further back from the action than most other rows in the section, but you will be very close to the entrance to the section making it much easier and quicker to get to and from your seat for trips to the restrooms and concessions. And while located towards the back of the section, you will still find yourself on the lower level of the stadium and can enjoy all the action from a very good proximity.

Staples Center Section 110 View
This is the view from Section 110 at Staples Center which is a good view that is close to the action.

Asked January 25, 2013

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