Schottenstein Center

What are the best concert seats at the Schottenstein Center?

This is my first time attending Schottenstein and there will be an End Stage layout.

Jan 2013

Answered by staff...

The End Stage layout for this concert positions the stage on the very west end of the floor level and facing to the east side of the stadium. In this configuration, we would recommend floor sections F2, F5, and F8 as they are most aligned with center stage on the floor level. Floor seating will not be stadium style with progressively higher seating the further back the seating row, so you do run the risk of an obstructed view in floor sections if you have a taller person sitting in front of you.

Also recommended is Section 131, which is also very aligned with center stage and does have the stadium style seating to help with the chances of a better unobstructed view.

Sections 122 and 106 may also be a good option due to their close proximity to the stage and stadium style seating. Although it is important to note that they are located off stage right and left, so you do not have the central alignment and may have to turn your head a bit to see the stage as these seats sit straight forward rather than angled toward the stage.

End stage layout Schottenstein Center
The end stage layout at the Schottenstein Center is shown in the photo above.
Photo Credit: Shared from flickr user dketterick (CreativeCommons)

Asked January 17, 2013

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