PNC Music Pavilion

Do Terrace sections at PNC Pavilion have actual seats as opposed to the lawn seating?

Mar 2016

Answered by Keith at

Terrace sections 10-15 at PNC Music Pavilion are fully reserved. Each of these sections contain seven rows of seating on traditional stadium chairs. Whereas many of the Premier and Pavilion level seats are covered by the roof, the Terrace is fully exposed to the elements.

pnc pavilion terrace sections
Terrace vs. Lawn as seen from Google Earth

Ticket prices in these sections tend to be a lot less expensive than other reserved seating, making the Terrace a good cheap-seat alternative to the general admission (and seat-less) Lawn.

Asked March 09, 2016 for Steely Dan with Steve Winwood on Jul 2, 2016

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