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Seating Questions For Baseball Games

Frequently Asked Questions

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    How many rows are in each section at loanDepot park?
    Frequently Asked Question

    Each section has a varying number of rows and seats per row. If you already have tickets, find your seats for row and seat numbers.

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    Where is the Marlins Dugout at loanDepot park?
    Frequently Asked Question

    The home dugout is located near sections 19, 20 and 21.

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    Which direction do seats run - is seat 1 on the left or right side of the row?
    Frequently Asked Question

    As you face the field from your seats, lower number seats are on your right.

Fan Inquiries

  • I have never been to Marlins Park. My brother and sister in law are coming in from Richmond, VA and I want to impress them with great seats. See the game, get on the videotron, see the players and easy access to bathrooms. Can you recommend a section and row? I would prefer to spend less than $50 per ticket.
    Asked 9 years ago
  • And what times do the gates actually open for the game?  We are driving from Sarasota, FL.  Thanks!
    Asked 8 years ago
  • I cannot find the letter rows only numbers. Thanks!
    Asked 8 years ago
  • Where should I get tickets for seats in the shade?
    I am looking at surprising my husband with seats when we are in town. Looking at the Sept 3rd day game. 
    Asked 4 years ago

    To guarantee yourself shade at Marlins Park for a day game, first consider seats on the first base side of the field. Specifically, aim for seats in the higher rows of sections 6-11 and 206-211. These seats provide the best combination of shade and great views.

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