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Are the eighteen 76 seats better then the Chase Bridge seats?

My daughter (12) wants to see Twenty One Pilots. How are barstool seats?

Feb 2016

Answered by Steve at

The Eighteen76 Balcony and Chase Bridge seats offer significantly different experiences - especially for a concert. The biggest difference between the seats will be distance to the stage. The balcony sections are the farthest seats from the stage so for a high-energy concert like Twenty One Pilots, being so far away may leave you a little dis-engaged. The Chase Bridges, on the other hand, are suspended over the 200 level and come with a certain wow-factor just from their setup. They're also much closer to the stage, although they will be very high up.

Barstool seats are very common among the younger drinking-age crowd because they're easily to socialize from, and are also very accessible to drinks and concessions. They would be fine for a 12-year-old, though she likely would not "appreciate" them as much as someone a little bit older.

Asked February 04, 2016 for Twenty One Pilots on Aug 11, 2016

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