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Madison Square Garden 200 Level

200 level seats from chase bridges

Features & Amenities

The 200 Level seats at Madison Square Garden offer a variety of different experiences and price points. The upper rows in these sections are some of the cheapest tickets for Knicks and Rangers games, while lower rows along the side might have the best views at MSG.

200 Level Side Sections

Sections along the side have up to 25 rows of seats with row 1 located at the front. The entrance tunnel is located at row 7, and we recommend sitting in the first six rows for the best views and most convenient access.

The front rows in side sections have phenomenal club-like views for basketball and hockey games. For end-stage concerts, sections 212 and 223 are closest to the stage.

A television monitor is setup near the ground at the front of each section. Guests in row 1 will be able to keep an eye on replays and stats. Meanwhile, the last row in many sections is labeled BS25 and includes barstool seats.

200 Level End Sections

Sections on the end of the 200 Level are much smaller than those along the side. Sections include just 3-6 rows of seats.

Fans will find better views on the sideline, but the intimacy of these sections guarantees easy access to-and-from the seats. For many, this convenience is preferred over a sideline view (especially in a higher row).

  • Rows labeled BS are at the back of most sections; these are bar-stool seats
  • A television monitor is located at the front of each section
  • Sections 201-207 have a head-on view for end-stage concerts
  • The Rangers shoot twice towards sections 215-220

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Great view of a wall"

      (Section 208) - -

      Quite possibly the worst seats in madsion square garden. Not only do you lose sight of the scoreboarf but also lose sighta of half the ice because of a section the jets out infront of your view. AVOID AT ALL COSTS.

    • "Awesome view for an acceptable price"

      (Section 227) -
    • "Good tickets (if they are under 150 usd) "

      (Section 226) - -

      Good ones but very far in case of a concert.

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