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Which lower level seats are in the sun the longest at Broncos Stadium?

Oct 2014

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  • Answered by Steve at RateYourSeats.com...

    The East Sideline Sees the Most Sun

    Sports Authority Field east sideline
    Notice the shadows on the field and the sun-baked east sideline seats

    To stay in the sun the longest on the lower seating tier, you'll want to be on the east sideline where the sun will remain shining on the seats the longest. Sections 119-127 will have some of the lengthiest exposure to the sun, and you want to sit higher up in the section to maximize the amount of time the seats have before getting covered by shade. Rows 24 to 36 are ideal as they are located near the top of the sections, but we recommend not sitting in Rows 37 and higher as the overhang above may limit the amount of sun.

    Asked October 03, 2014 for Denver Broncos vs. Miami Dolphins on Nov 23, 2014

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