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What is the view like in Section 226 Row 6 Seat 16 at ATT Stadium?

Sep 2015

Answered by Steve at

From Section 226 Row 6 you will have great elevation to see all areas of the playing surface with out any potentially difficult views caused by players and team personnel along the near sideline. It may be difficult to follow all the details for goal line plays at the far endzone, but the seats here have very exciting views for scoring plays at the near endzone.

One of the more notable downfalls to this area is that you won't have the best views to the larger sideline facing videoboards. However there is an endzone facing videoboard which will keep you involved in replays, highlights, and also provide closer views when the play is near the far endzone.

Below is an in-seat photo taken from Section 226 Row 13, just a few rows higher than Row 6, but provides a strong representation of what you can expect in terms of a view. Seat 16 will be closer to the left side of the section as you face the field, with Seat 1 being on the aisle at the right side of the section, and Seat 26 being on the aisle at the left.

View from Section 226 Row 13 at AT&T Stadium
Pictured above is the View from Section 226 Row 13 - Seats nearby will have very good sight lines to the field, but will not have the best views of the impressively large sideline facing videoboards

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