Bankers Life Fieldhouse

How are the seats arranged in Section 101 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse?

If I have Section 101 Row 6 Seat 11, and Row 7 Seats 1-5, will these be just in front and behind one another?  Or will they be separate?

Mar 2013

Answered by staff...

In section 101, Seats with the same number are directly behind/in front of each other. Your seats in Row 7 (Seats 1-5) will be on the aisle at the right side of the section as you face the floor, while your seat in Row 6 (Seat 11) will be on the aisle at the left side of the section.

Seating layout in Section 101 Rows 6 and 7 at Bankers Life Fieldhouse
Seats 11 in Row 6 will be one row closer and 6 seats to the left of Seat 5 in Row 7

Asked March 20, 2013

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