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Reserved Seating

For most shows, the Floor at Gainbridge Fieldhouse consists of three reserved sections of seating. Floor Section 1 is located closest to the stage, floor section 2 near the middle of the arena and floor section 3 at the back of the floor.

A mixing booth can often be found in the back half of section 3 for an end stage show, and for select events there may also be two additional handicap designated floor sections added to the configuration (commonly named floor sections 4 and 5).

In the traditional end stage layout, floor sections are divided into a left, center, and right portion by walkway aisles. In the right portion, you will typically find seat numbers 1 through 12 where seat 12 will be on the aisle closest to the center of the floor. In the center portion, seat numbers mostly range from seat 21 on the right aisle through seat 36 on the left aisle. In the left portion, seat numbers generally begin with seat 41 on the right aisle (closest to center) and end with seat 52 (closer to the main seating bowl).

For the best overall views at a traditional end stage performance, it is difficult to beat seat numbers in the high 20s of the first five rows of floor section 1. But as these often command the most expensive prices, you can find excellent alternatives in the front row of floor section 2 (again sticking to seat numbers in the high 20s) if there is an aisle break in front of the seats, it could provide additional room and lower potential of a taller fan in front blocking your view.

General Admission Tickets

Some floor tickets at Gainbridge Fieldhouse are general admission (GA). These tickets grant you access to a specific area of the floor, but you will not have a reserved seat or space.

GA sections can take up the entire floor (usually labeled GA Floor), or just a portion of it.

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  • Floor Seats Reviews

    Tough to See When Everyone is Standing

    Mar 2014

    Concert Review
    Floor 3, Row 15, Seat 52

    I ended up moving from these seats because it was kind of tough to see with everyone standing. I thought being on the Floor would be something special for my first time, but it really wasn't. I'd rather have an actual seat with a side view and some more elevation. My seat was 52, which was all the way to the left as you look towards the stage. I did like being on the aisle because it made getting in and out a breeze. And if I wanted to get up and bust a move, there was plenty of space. But Row 15 was pretty far back, especially when you consider that Floor 3 is the last of the Floor sections. For a concert with a lot of energy, it's probably worth being on the floor just for the atmosphere, but I'd rather have a better view of the stage with fewer people in front of me.

    We paid extra for front row

    Dec 2019

    Concert Review
    Floor 2, Row 1, Seats 29 and 30

    We paid extra for front row of floor section 2 so my tall husband had room. Our section was combined with section 1 so there was not extra room. Definitely NOT worth paying double.

    Awful. Worst ever.

    Nov 2014

    Concert Review
    Floor 3

    Should have stayed home and listened to their CD. Could not see anything.

    Excellent seats!!!

    Apr 2016

    Concert Review
    Floor 2, Row 3, Seats 3,4

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