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  • I.e., if someone sells me tickets for that section, but I am not a Duke student, may I sit there? Thanks
    Asked 2 years ago
  • Asked 55 days ago
  • What would be the best seating for senior citizens with a slight mobility issue?
    We would love to attend the 10/22/16 Countdown to Craziness. We would like a seat back and a row closest to restrooms and concessions. Also, are there assigned or reserved seating? Thank you.
    Asked 6 months ago

    Seating for Countdown to Craziness is similar to seating for men's home games. All sections, with the exception of section 17, feature reserved seating.

    The best seats for guests with slight mobility issues are found near Row E in any section numbered 1-16. The concourse tunnel for each of these sections is located at the fifth row (row 5) - cutting down the number of stairs you must traverse. Additionally, these seats are stadium-style with full back support.

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