Bryant-Denny Stadium

How is the view from the first few rows at Bryant Denny Stadium?

Are they any good, or are they blocked by the concrete landscaping and the team people standing on sidelines?

Jun 2014

Answered by Steve at

The lowest seating rows of the midfield sideline sections will unfortunately have difficult views caused by the low seating height relative to field level.

Sitting in the first 5 rows near the 50 yard line is without question one of the most exciting places to be as these are the best for getting close to the team, however the views are less than ideal as it is difficult to see over the players and team staff. From this viewing angle, the field will also appear narrow and make it more difficult to appreciate the sideline to sideline movement of the game.

For the best views in the sideline sections, we recommend sitting in Rows 10-25, which will give you a good viewing height to see the field while not being to far from the sidelines.

View from the lower seating rows behind the Visitors Sideline (CreativeCommons)

Asked June 14, 2014 for Alabama Crimson Tide vs. Auburn Tigers on Nov 29, 2014

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