For a 1PM game at the swamp, shade will be tough to come by, but be sure to avoid everything in the east stands (27-45) as the sun will be blinding.

To find the best shade you will want to stick to the covered seating areas which are located in high number rows (80+) in odd sections 1-19, the back rows of Sections 218-229, and the last few rows of Sections 20-26 and B-G.

The views may be further from the 500 level, but these seats have some of the best coverage at Ben Hill Griffin as long as you're not in the first few rows of seating.

You can view more information on covered seating and even find tickets in the covered areas by visiting our dedicated page for Covered Seating at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium.

Covered seating at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium
Covered seating locations at Ben Hill Griffin Stadium