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  • I read somewhere that section 110 was a good sec. for seating.
    Asked 5 years ago
  • Section 111 during the Magic game on 1/16/15?
    Asked 3 years ago
  • Asked 12 months ago
  • How are the seats set up in floor section W?
    Asked 12 months ago

    One of the most desirable seating sections for a Magic game is the floor section on the west side of the arena, often labeled Floor W. This section spans the sideline and is the best way to get close to Magic players and the visitor bench.

    Seats in this section are labeled 1-74 with 1-14 directly behind the visitor bench in row 3. Seats 61-74 are behind the Magic bench.

  • What does all-inclusive food and beverage mean?
    And what is included?
    Asked 12 months ago

    The Amway Center has a number of premium seating options with all-inclusive food and beverage. Ticketholders in all-inclusive seating areas will receive complimentary food and drink

    Some seats include alcohol and wine, while others just include soft drinks. Similarly, some seats include only snacks, while others include a full sit-down dinner.

    Some of the more popular all-inclusive seating areas include the Chase Suites and the Ultimate Seats.

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