American Airlines Center

How many seats per row in Section 117 at American Airlines Center?

If the first seat is 1, what is the last seat in each of the rows for a concert?

Mar 2014

Answered by staff...

The number of seats in each row of Section 117 will vary depending on the specific row you are interested in. Most rows will have 18 seats, however there rows at the very front and the very back will have fewer.

Below please find a breakout of the seat numbers for each row of Section 117 when the American Airlines Center is setup for a concert performance. Please note that the first seat listed will be on the right side of the section as you face the floor, and the second seat listed will be on the left.

  • Row A: Seats 1-14

  • Rows B-C: Seats 1-15

  • Rows D-V: Seats 1-18

  • Row W: Seats 1-13

  • Row X: Seats 1-11

  • Row Y: Seats 1-13

Asked March 31, 2014 for Fleetwood Mac on Dec 14, 2014

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