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    Right Side Aisle

    Aug 2021

    Section 4, Row C, Seats 1-4

    There is a lot of space near these seats since they cut in from the stairs. I do wish we were one row back in row D since our row cut in they had nobody in front of them and had a clear view to the stage. The view from these is still great though and we enjoyed the show.

    • Terrace Level


      Sections 4-8 at Pacific Amphitheatre form the Terrace Seats. Despite being the farthest sections from the stage, these seats offer good views and a comfortable experience. The best views will come from the front rows of sections 5- 7. The sitelines from these seats are similar to what you'd find at the back of the Orchestra, but tickets tend to be cheaper. Additional Terrace Notes Each sections starts 40 rows from the stage There are roughly 25 rows in each section Especially in Section 6, the rows can become longUpwards of 50 seats in a single row  Concessions are available behind these sections  

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    • "Secret Entrance by Seats"

      (Section 8) - -

      There is a pole right next to this seat that opens the section so even though it's in the middle of the row it might as well be an aisle. Secret little passage. I would buy these again even though they are in the back because I can get to the bar and bathroom quick. Priorities!

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