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Best Seats at Pacific Amphitheatre

head-on concert view at Pacific Amphitheatre
Pit offers a comfortable head-on view for end-stage shows

Head-on to the Stage: Seats directly across from the stage, like those in Section Circle and Pit provide the most comfortable looks of the performance.

Orchestra Level Seating

orchestra seats pacific amphitheatre
  • Orchestra Level Seating - On the Pacific Amphitheatre seating chart, sections 1-3 are known as Orchestra seats. These are an excellent alternative to Pit and Circle seats which...

Pit and Circle Seating

pacific amphitheatre pit section
  • Pit and Circle Seating - The Pit and Circle sections at Pacific Amphitheatre are as close to the stage as you can get. These sections are mere feet from the stage and even the...

Terrace Level Seating

  • Terrace Level Seating - Sections 4-8 at Pacific Amphitheatre form the Terrace Seats. Despite being the farthest sections from the stage, these seats offer good views and a co...

Shaded & Covered Seating

  • Are there covered seating areas at Pacific Amphitheatre?

    The Amphitheatre is completely open-air without any overhead protection.

    Guests are NOT permitted to bring umbrellas into the venue.

Pacific Amphitheatre Seat Views

Pacific Amphitheatre Seating Reviews

  • "Perfectly Center" - - Centered section and centered seat make for the perfect viewing combination. They're further seats f...
    Section 6, Row R, Seat 25
  • "Secret Entrance by Seats" - - There is a pole right next to this seat that opens the section so even though it's in the middle of ...
    Section 8, Row Y, Seat 9
  • "Right Side Aisle" - - There is a lot of space near these seats since they cut in from the stairs. I do wish we were one ro...
    Section 4, Row C, Seats 1-4
  • "Ideal Seats for Me" - - The pit seats are great too, but I'm on the shorter side so I prefer these. The extra step up betwee...
    Section Circle, Row CC, Seat 10
  • "14th Row Dead Center" - - The seats were perfect. Only 14 rows from the stage, dead center. Great show, great crowd, great tim...
    Section 2, Row C, Seats 17-18
  • "Practically on Stage!" - - These seats were extremely intimate. I forgot there were even seats behind us during the show. You c...
    Pit, Row DD
  • "Side of Stage But Not Bad" - - These seats were about as far to the side as you can get but the view was still really good! And ...
    Section 1, Row S, Seat 36
  • "Comfortable View Higher Up" - - Tough to find a bad seat at Pac Amp. These are Terrace seats towards the top but the view is totally...
    Section 7, Row J, Seat 16
  • "Cheap Tickets Worth It!" - - These were something like $20 tickets -totally worth it! It's nice to be closer but can't beat the p...
    Section 5, Row R
  • "Very Good Acoustics and View" - - I'm very impressed with the acoustics in orchestra sections like this one. Would happily sit here ag...
    Section 3, Row S
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      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.

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