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Section 313 at MetLife Stadium


MetLife Stadium Section 313 View

Section 313 Seating Notes

  • For football games, desirable view from near midfield
  • Rows 20 and above are under cover

Row & Seat Numbers

  • Rows in Section 313 are labeled 1-4, 5-26
  • There is an entry betweeen Rows 4 and 5
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 5
  • have 26 seats labeled 1-26
  • have 22 seats labeled 1-22
  • has 17 seats labeled 1-17
  • All Seat Numbers
  • When looking towards the stage/field, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 313 Reviews

    Last Row in the 300 Level at the 50

    Aug 2013

    Football Review
    Section 313, Row 26, Seat 30

    If you're afraid of heights, the only thing that will bother you is the walk up the stairs. After you get to the top, you feel pretty secure and you don't feel that high up. Of course, once you look at the field, you realize how far away you really are. But being at the 50 yardline really helps. You can see everything the stadium has to offer, including the whole field and the videoboards. In this particular seat, the only thing in front of you is the stairs, so you never have to get up for strangers who have to get in and out. But, really, if you're sitting all the way up here, you don't want to go down to the concourse that often. It's a long walk down and then back up. Overall, for being in the last row in the top deck, these seats weren't half bad. Definitely a good value buy.

    Good location

    Aug 2016

    Concert Review
    Section 313, Row 9, Seat 1

    Still need to view performer on the jumbo tron. But had a great time.

    • 300 Level Side (Concert)


      When choosing seats in any of the 300 level sections, we recommend aiming for the lowest row possible. While views from the lower rows rival the more expensive seats on the 200 level, the views in the upper rows are often criticized for being too steep and for forcing you to look straight down to see the performance. For a football game, it's easy to keep track of the action when 22 guys are sprinting towards the ball. But at a concert when you want to focus on just one or two people, you'll want to be in the lowest row possible. If hot weather is in the forecast, be sure to purchase tickets on the west side of the stadium where the sun will be setting behind you. On a hot night, sections 336-340 are often 15-20 degrees cooler than sections 312-316. Ticket prices don't often reflect the significant difference between these two sides, so you shouldn't have to pay a premium for comfort. While we recommend being in the lowest row possible, rows 20 and above in these sections are mostly covered. If rain is in the forecast for your event, consider sacrificing your view in favor of a dry outing.  

    • Upper Level Sideline (Football)


      Between the goal lines on the highest tier of the stadium, the Upper Level Sideline is the best place to find cheap tickets near midfield. Designated as Prime sections on the seating chart, sections 313-314 on the east side and sections 338-339 on the west side are great options due to their positioning directly on the 50 yard line. Entry tunnels are located at row 5 with a walkway that separates the lower seats (rows 1-4) from the higher (rows 5-26). Seating here is incredibly steep, and with no overhanging structure above, fans will be at the mercy of the weather. 

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Full view of the field"

      (Section 314) - -

      Up high but a great view of the field at the 50 yard line. Last row with no one behind you. If you don't mind heights, its a great view for the money.

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