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Section 319 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium


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Section 319 Seating Notes

Row & Seat Numbers

  • Rows in Section 319 are labeled 1-25
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 4
  • have 13 seats labeled 1-13
  • have 14 seats labeled 1-14
  • have 17 seats labeled 1-17
  • All Seat Numbers
  • When looking towards the field/field/stage/court, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 319 Reviews

    Out of luck if you like replays

    Dec 2017

    Football Review
    Section 319, Row 24, Seat 14

    They brag about the enormous halo video board, but from up here you can only see the bottom third or so. Forget watching replays; it simply can't be done. And I don't know if part of the board is dedicated to stats; if so it is invisible to the upper level, and if not, count on seeing current stats twice during the game. It is amazing that no one ever thought "I don't see how people in the top level will be able to see inside the halo." Or maybe they did think that and then laughed while thinking about how only poor people sit up there, and not people who matter.

    • 300 Level


      The 300 Level at Mercedez-Benz Stadium is where you'll find the cheapest tickets for Falcons games and other events. Although these seats have a reputation of being far away from the action, there are some good seats in these sections. The Best Seats In Each Section Are Rows 4-10 The 300 Level is separated from the field by 50 rows of common seating and two levels of suites. As a result, the front rows are the equivalent of about 70 rows from the field. Understandably, the best views will in the lower rows. Another reason to sit in a lower row is to be closer to the 300 Level Concourse. The entrance tunnel for most 300 Level sections is at Row 4. Being close to this row will require fewer stairs to reach concessions and amenities. Finally, a disruptive railing obstructs views from the first few rows in many of these sections. We recommend saving a few dollars and sitting up a couple rows. Rows 4-10 keep you above the railing and close to the tunnel without being too high up. Views of the Halo Board While you may not be able to see the field as well as you can in the lower levels, you'll have a far superior view of the halo board. The world famous video board wraps around the roof of the stadium and 300 Level sections have the best views. More From the 300 Level  These sections are only open for select Atlanta United games Sections 321-327 in the endzone hang over the 200 LevelThis makes the front rows a little closer to the field  There are as many as 35 rows in each section 

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    • "We had the first four seats in section 318 angled to the right of the stage. "

      (Section 318) - -

      The view is obstructed by glass when seated. The sound is horrible in this section. All you can hear is the bass and rumbling music. We could not understand any of the words to the songs. My husband walked around to the different sections.

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