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At a venue as large as Mercedes-Benz Stadium, getting Field Seats (also known as Floor Seats) at stage level will be some of the best and closest ticket options for the performance.

Floor seats will be located in the center of the concert seating chart and will typically be labeled with a letter. Fans seated here often describe the feeling of being in the center of everything at a venue so big.

Floor Seat Views

Sitting on the floor offers a unique experience at a football stadium. To start, even the furthest seats on the floor will have closer views to the stage than a majority of seats anywhere else in the stadium. This allows fans the opportunity to get closer to the legendary artists that play the stage at Mercedes Benz Stadium.

Being on the field does come at the cost of some comfort. The seats will be temporary chairs without any elevation between rows. The further back the row is in a section the more difficult it can become to see. However, performances will have large video screens to help fans experience the show.

Fans looking for the extra comfort while still being close might like the club seating options and should look at seats in the following locations:

Additional Field Seats Notes

  • Restrooms are portable and located in a contained area just outside the back of the stadium
  • Some shows will have a general admission floor or certain sections that will not have assigned seating
    • GA tickets may have a seat and row listed but these are for venue inventory purposes
  • Concessions stands line the sides of the floor with full bars located in the back
  • Section labeled "WC" is an accessible floor seating option

Note: These seats are highlighted on the map

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    Kenny Chesney - May 18, 2024

    May 2024

    Concert Review
    Floor C, Row 4   Verified Customer

    We LOVED our 4th row seats at Kenny Chesney.

    Very good seats

    Oct 2023

    Concert Review
    Floor H, Row 11, Seats 12-13

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