Mercedes-Benz Stadium

Section 115 at Mercedes-Benz Stadium


Mercedes-Benz Stadium Section 115 View

Row & Seat Numbers

  • Rows in Section 115 are labeled 1-41, 42A
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 42A
  • has 2 seats labeled 1-2
  • has 14 seats labeled 1-14
  • have 15 seats labeled 1-15
  • All Seat Numbers
  • When looking towards the field/field/stage/court, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 115 Reviews

    Probably better if bighead isn't in front of you

    Aug 2017

    Football Review
    Section 115, Row 13

    Could hardly see the field half the time. When bighead wasn't there, the view is ok. But too low for corner seats in general.


    Oct 2018

    Soccer Review
    Section 115, Row 1, Seat 17

    • 100 Level Corner (Soccer)


      If you're a fan of corner kicks, sections like 115 and 116 are an ideal spot to purchase tickets. These seats are expertly angled towards the field and offer impressive views of set plays at the near goal. Each corner contains two two primary corner sections (sometimes labeled "goal"). When looking at these sections, pay close attention to the row you'll be sitting in - especially if you want to sit near the front row. This is important because row 6 is the first row in some of these sections and row 11 is the front row in other sections. If sitting near the front row isn't as important, you'll find that the section entrance is near the top row. You can save money by sitting in one of these higher rows and enjoy shorter walks to concessions and comfortable views of the pitch. 

    • Lower Corner (Basketball)


      Sitting in the Lower Corner Sections at Mercedes-Benz Stadium might be the best value seats for a basketball game. These sections will not have the great sideline view, but they also won't be directly behind the basket like the baseline seats.The viewing angle is different, but fans will still have a decent view of all the action. Something to keep in mind is that the Lower Baseline Seats extend closer to the court and the Floor Risers are even closer to the court. The Lower Baseline and Floor Risers could impede on a fan's view, so we recommend looking for seating in the higher rows to get the extra elevated view. 

    • Lower Corner (Football)


      One of the best values at Mercedes-Benz Stadium is corner seating on the 100 level. These seats offer good sitelines to the field and are priced at a fraction of the cost of adjacent sideline seating. Each section has more than 40 numbered rows of seats with lower-number rows closer to the field and higher-number rows closer to the concourse. Seats in the first 15 rows will give you one of the best views of the near endzone and you'll be one of the first fans to see if the ball crosses over the goal line. Unfortunately, sitting in one of these lower rows can make it difficult to see action that moves towards the opposite goal line. If you don't mind sitting up from the field, consider rows 30 and higher where you'll get a comfortable view of both ends and you'll have fewer stairs to walk to get concessions. 

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