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Section 325 at Levi's Stadium


Levi's Stadium Section 325 View

Section 325 Seating Notes

  • Recommended seating for kids and family
  • Related Seating: Loge Seats

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 325 are labeled 1-8, 6W
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 6W
  • When looking towards the field, lower number seats are on the right

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  • Section 325 Reviews

    • Loge Level Endzone


      Loge level endzone seats are the highest and furthest of any endzone seating option in Levis Stadium. Higher seats can be found on the east sideline, but with the large videoboards perched above the loge level endzone sections, there are no seats above these endzone sections. The sections feature just 6 to 7 rows of seating for easy in and out access, and also have some of the best eye level head on views of the videoboards above the opposing endzone. 

    • Loge Seats


      Loge Seats at Levi's Stadium are found on the third seating tier in sections 301-328. These are some of the best sections for getting an elevated view of the action without being in the upper deck. This seating deck is known as the Loge Level and its sections are 50-60 rows from the field. Although they're just below the upper level, they don't feel near as far as the 400-level sections. Each section contains fewer than ten rows with the entrance located at the top of each section. Sections 312-317 are the most desirable Loge Seats. Their elevated sideline views are some of the most comfortable in the stadium. Meanwhile, corner and endzone sections have the stadium's best head-on view of the videoboards. Additional notes: These seats are not covered Row 1 is the first row in each section About half of loge sections have accessible seating in the last row 

    • Recommended For Kids and Family


      No more than 8 rows in each section for easy access to restrooms and concessions. Great head on views of the videoboards. More affordable pricing on the upper seating tier

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