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  • For most concerts, rows in Section 8 are labeled A-Z, AA-EE

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      There are two primary areas for reserved seating at iThink Financial Amphitheatre. The Lower Reserved area is closer to the stage, while the Upper Reserved area is in front of the Lawn. Lower Reserved  Lower Reserved seating is home to the closest and most impressive views for a show at iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre. Ticket prices will be in the upper tier, but the experience of being right up against the stage is one-of-a kind. Each of these sections has roughly 25 rows of seats with Row AA closest to the stage in section 2 and single-letter rows in other areas (e.g.: Row C). For some shows, the front rows of the Lower Reserve may be replaced by a general admission standing room only pit. Upper Reserved  For those seek a dedicated seat at a lower price point, the Upper Reserved sections are a good option. These are fairly large sections so there is a significant difference between sitting at the front (near Row A) and the back (Row EE). We think there is good value from the first few rows in sections 5-7. These have a similar view as the VIP Box Seats but are a fraction of the cost.  Fans should be aware that not all seating in the Upper Reserved area is under the cover of the roof. Seats in the last 8 rows of Sections 5-7 (Rows X-Z and AA-EE) are exposed. Additionally, Section 8 is the last reserved section to be out of then sun once it starts setting. 

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    • "Heart with Elle King - Aug 16, 2019"

      (Section 5) - -

      Can see stage great however it's not covered. When I bought the tickets I purchased them so I would be covered in the event of rain. As is typical in summer in south Florida it downpoured briefly and had to move to a covered area. Luckily there were open seats a few rows in front to shelter us from ...

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