Huntington Bank Pavilion (at Northerly Island)

Huntington Bank Pavilion (at Northerly Island) Floor Seats

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Features & Amenities

Floor tickets at Huntington Bank Pavilion make up the majority of seating for a concert. Due to its versatility, the floor can take on a variety of different setups including reserved and general admission variations.

Main Floor 101-207

The main floor area is located in front of the grandstands. Temporary folding chairs are placed on the floor to create twelve seated sections.

Sections 101-105 are the first group of sections near the stage. Tickets in these sections will have the closest views to the performance on stage. Behind them is sections 201-207. Sight lines from these sections are similar to those in front but from slightly further away.

Angles to the stage get stronger in sections close to the side of the venue. For the best views, choose sections in, or close to 103 and 204.

General Admission Tickets

Many shows at Huntington Bank Pavilion have general admission sections on the floor. For these instances, the seats are removed creating an open area for fans to stand.

The section will be called a GA Pit when it is smaller and near the stage. When all seats are removed it becomes a General Admission Floor. Some shows will combine the two with an exclusive pit up front and floor in the back.

Back Floor 306-309

Seats in sections 306-309 are the least desirable place to sit on the floor. Since the it is a flat surface, there is no elevation between rows making the views to the stage more difficult the further back you sit. We recommend comparing seats here to those with elevated views in the grandstands.

Sitting here is still a good option for a cheaper reserved seat and also better than being on the lawn.

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