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Globe Life Field Club Seats & Premium Areas

  • Balcones Speakeasy Seats (Rangers Games) - The Balcones Speakeasy is the most exclusive club at Globe Life Field. Fans seated in rows 9-16 in sections 13 and 14 will not only enjoy superb home ...
  • Home Plate Suites - Home Plate Suites at Globe Life Field are located between the dugouts at field level. These are also known as Field Suites and are widely considered t...
  • Lexus Club Seats (Rangers Games) - Lexus Club Seats at Globe Life Field are located in the first eight rows of sections 8-19. The rows are broken down into VIP, Platinum, Gold, Silver a...
  • Lounge Tables - One of the most anticipated seating options at Globe Life Field arrives in the form of the Lounge Tables. The Evan Williams Lounge Tables are located ...
  • Shift4 Club Seats (Rangers Games) - Shift4 Club Seats for a Rangers game are one of the premium seating areas located on the lower level at Globe Life Field. In sections 15-19, rows 9-16...

Rangers Ticket Information

2023 Rangers tickets

The 2023 Rangers tickets guide includes the season schedule, ticket price information and the best options for buying tickets.

All You Can Eat Seats

All you can eat mural 2
  • All You Can Eat Seats - The All You Can Eat Seats for a Rangers game are located in left-field sections 27-33 at Globe Life Field. Fans sitting in these sections will enjoy c...

Batter's Eye Tables Seating

View of Batters Eye Zone at Globe Life Field
  • Batter's Eye Tables Seating - The Batter's Eye Tables at Globe Life Field offers a unique seating experience. These seats are slightly raised above field level due to their pla...

Corner Boxes Seating

  • Corner Boxes Seating - At Globe Life Field, Corner Box sections are located along the baselines and near the foul poles in the lowest level of seating. Fans sitting in secti...

Rangers Dugout & Visitor Dugout

Rangers dugout Globe Life Field
The Rangers Dugout is on the first base side of Globe Life Field.
Visitor Dugout Globe Life Field
The visiting team will be in the third base dugout at Globe Life Field.

Rangers Dugout - The Rangers players sit in front of Section 18, Section 19 and Section 20

Visitor Dugout - The visiting team sits in front of Section 7, Section 8 and Section 9

Mezzanine Level Seating

section 110, row 19 seat view  - globe life field
  • Mezzanine Level Seating - On the Globe Life Field Seating Chart, sections in the 100s are part of the Mezzanine Level. With this area wrapping around the entire venue, guests h...

Pavilion Level Seating

section 213, row 8 seat view  - globe life field
  • Pavilion Level Seating - The Pavilion Level at Globe Life Field refers at sections labeled in the 200s. Pavilion seats are typically organized into Infield, Baseline, Corner a...

Standing Room Only

standing room only rails
  • Standing Room Only - Standing Room Only (SRO) tickets for a Texas Rangers game give fans access to Globe Life Field without being attached to a specific section or seats. ...

Texas Terrace Seating

  • Texas Terrace Seating - One of the most over-looked areas at Globe Life Field are the Texas Terrace sections on the first base side of the field. These seats are located abov...

Upper Level Seating

  • Upper Level Seating - On the Texas Rangers seating chart, the highest and farthest sections are known as Upper Level seats. These are usually the cheapest tickets at Globe ...

Globe Life Field Seat Views

Globe Life Field Seating Reviews

  • "Top Notch 1st Base Club Access " - - Section 20 gets 1st Base Club Access and it’s located closest to the club. You get free beer, win...
    Section 20, Row 11, Seats 10-11
  • "First Class Seats" - - These seats are part of the Home Plate Club and they are everything you would expect. Excellent view...
    Section 15, Row 5, Seat 6
  • "Way Too Many Stairs" - - For those who sat in right field at the old ballpark, you'd be happy to know that there aren't any o...
    Section 132, Row 2
  • "Awesome Angle - Superbly Comfortable" - - Loved the angle to home plate from here. That plus pretty legroom made this a good spot to be comfor...
    Section 25, Row 15, Seat 1
  • "Los Angeles Dodgers at Texas Rangers - Jul 22, 2023" - - We purchased 5 seats in a row in left field. The view of home plate was completely blocked by the fo...
    Section 142, Row 3   Verified Customer
  • "Cleveland Guardians at Texas Rangers - May 13, 2024" - - Row 1! There was a guard rail in front of us so we wouldn’t fall. If they would’ve hit a home ru...
    Section 32, Row 1   Verified Customer
  • "Bad seats- no stars" - - The only way to see the batter was to lean into the seat to your left. My family sat in 4,5,6 and th...
    Section 128, Row 9, Seat 3
  • "Detroit Tigers at Texas Rangers - Jun 26, 2023" - - The seats were great as far as viewing the game. My husband and I both thought there was not nearly...
    Section 17, Row 15   Verified Customer
  • "Excellent Home Plate View" - - I love everything about these seats. Great view from near home plate. Totally unobstructed. And they...
    Section 11, Row 13
  • "Oakland Athletics at Texas Rangers - Apr 22, 2023" - - Excellent seats! We had such a great time celebrating my husband’s 50th birthday as a family. The ...
    Section 119, Row 6   Verified Customer
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    • How many rows in each section at Globe Life Field?
      Each section has a varying amount of rows and seats. Find a section to see row and/or seat numbers.

    Other Photos From Globe Life Field

    globe life field netting
    The netting at Globe Life Field extends all the way into the outfield.
    accessible seating globe life
    Accessible seating at Globe Life Field is found at the top of many sections on the main concourse. The entrance to these sections is at the top, so accessible spaces are behind the top row.
    globe life right field seats
    The seats in right field at Globe Life Field include the Outfield Mezzanine, a level of Suites and the Outfield Pavilion at the top.
    globe life left field seats
    Looking towards seating in left-field at Globe Life Park. These sections are much smaller and more accessible than outfield seats on the other side.

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