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Floor Seats at Gas South Arena are typically the most sought after tickets due to their proximity to the stage. For most concerts, the floor is split up into front floor, mid-floor and rear floor sections. When this is the case, sections 1 and 2 are closest to the stage and typically have the highest ticket prices.

Other floor setups include a general admission floor where there are no seats - just a large standing area. For these shows, spaces on the floor are un-reserved and guests who arrive first have first pick of where to stand.

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    Dude Perfect Tour

    Oct 2019

    Floor 5, Row A, Seats 7-11

    Zero fault of the venue, but our front row seats - that came with a heavy price tag, were obstructed by the production company cameraman as well as props for the show. The upside is that the performers did allow for people to stand at the stage gates to have very brief interactions during the performance. Once asked, the production cameraman tried to move out of the way as much as he could, but we still couldn't see. People behind us were relocated to a different section entirely. The venue and production company did make the effort to make it up to us after the fact, even though the venue had no responsibility for what the production team did. This review is solely for others who might attend a Dude Perfect event in the future, should know they could likely have obstructions. For other concerts and such, be aware that you could face obstructions since you are on the left side of the stage at eye level. It's the perfect place for their props or cameras to go. Infinite's management has amazing customer service and took this issue very serious and worked to help make up for what happened. Customer service is top notch at the venue and I will continue to attend events because I know that if there is any issues, they will find an appropriate solution to the problem.

    Atif Aslam - Oct 29, 2023

    Oct 2023

    Floor 4, Row C   Verified Customer

    Too much equipment in front. 30 % view closed due to speaker or light and people coming from behind completely closing the view. Every guest had to stand to view the show.

    The Judds - Oct 14, 2022

    Oct 2022

    Floor 4, Row D   Verified Customer

    Great seats but no elbow room.

    They seem good

    Feb 2018

    Floor 4, Row R, Seat 10

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