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The lower level at Gas South Arena is also referred to as the Concourse Level. Side seating within the concourse includes sections 103-107 and 116-120. Besides for Floor Seats, these are typically the most in-demand places to sit.

Each of these sections includes up to 27 rows of seats with Row A closest to the floor and Row AA at the top of each section. Fans with tickets in a lower row will obviously be much closer to the stage, but they will also have the longest walks up and down the stairs.

Cheaper Tickets on the Concourse Level

For end-stage shows, the cheapest tickets in the concourse level are found in the sections directly across from the stage. These seats won't enjoy the up-close views of the floor or side sections - instead, they are a good spot for those looking to see the entire stage clearly and from a comfortable spot.

With the exception of the very front rows of section 100, end sections provide an unobstructed view of the entire stage and the videoscreens (when available).

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      Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Not complaining"

      (Section 108) - -

      Great view of the stage, but couldn't see the screens behind the performer. I wish I didn't pay top price for these seats, but I still had a great time.

    • "Adam Sandler - Nov 12, 2022"

      (Section 105) - -

      Awesome show.

    • "Specifically Do not sit in seat 11, row L, section 114"

      (Section 114) - -

      Do not sit in this specific seat= section 114, row L, seat 11!! There is a large gate bar that completely blocks your view of one of the goals at a lacrosse game. Awful seat!! Worst seat I have ever had at an arena. Seat 10 is almost just as bad as seat 11. Never sitting here again.

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