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Section 215 at Gainbridge Fieldhouse


Gainbridge Fieldhouse Section 215 View

Section 215 Seating Notes

  • For basketball games, we recommend these seats for kids and family
  • Head-on view of the performance for end-stage concerts
  • Related Seating: Balcony Level

Row & Seat Numbers

  • Rows in Section 215 are labeled 1-11
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 3
  • has 8 seats labeled 6-13
  • has 8 seats labeled 7-14
  • have 7 seats labeled 8-14
  • All Seat Numbers
  • When looking towards the court/stage, lower number seats are on the right

Interactive Seating Chart


  • Section 215 Reviews

    • Balcony Level


      The Balcony Level at Gainbridge Fieldhouse refers to sections on the stadium's 200 level. These are often the best way to find cheap tickets to a Pacers game or concert. Best Seats in the Balcony  Sections along the side are the largest in the Balcony. These contain up to 23 rows of seats with row 1 at the front and an entrance near row 3. When purchasing tickets in one of these side sections, pay close attention to which row you are considering. We recommend paying a premium to sit in one of the first ten rows. These seats are much closer to the floor and more convenient to the concourse and its amenities. If these aren't available, make sure you're getting a good deal in a higher row or look for tickets in a non-side section. One highlight of the Balcony - no matter where you're seated - is the massive videoboard. Guests on all sides and in all rows will have excellent looks at replays and stats. Balcony Tickets for Concerts  For most Gainbridge Fieldhouse concerts, the stage is setup at the far end of the floor. When this is the case, sections 208 and 225 are the best sections in the Balcony. They are near the stage without having too severe of a side angle. 

    • For Basketball - Recommended For Kids and Family


      Near large concentration of concessions on the upper level. Small sections allow for easy trips to the concourse. Ticket prices in the lowest tier

    • Ratings & Reviews From Similar Seats
    • "Decent, despite being behind the basket"

      (Section 201) - -

      These seats were OK, I was in section 201, which is behind one of the baskets and the view could have been better. I will say that being so high up actually helped the view of the action. It was just a little difficult to see the action, especially when it came down to my end of the court.

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