Section 325 at Arena

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Section 325 Seating Notes

  • The Kings shoot twice towards this end of the ice
  • For hockey games, we recommend these seats for partying and socializing
  • For hockey games, we recommend these seats for great views of the ice
  • Related Seating: 300 Level

Row Numbers

  • Rows in Section 325 are labeled 1-2, 6-7
  • There is wheelchair seating betweeen Rows 2 and 6
  • An entrance to this section is located at Row 3
  • When looking towards the ice/stage/court, lower number seats are on the right

For Concerts, Section 325 May Have a Limited View

325 is behind the stage or to the side of the stage for most concerts. This may restrict or limit your view of the performance.

For more information about the stage setup for your show, find your event.

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    Dec 2013

    Basketball Review
    Section 325, Row 3, Seats 3 and 4

    • 300 Level


      The 300 Level at Arena is also known as the Upper Concourse. This is the highest area in the stadium and usually has the cheapest ticket prices. These sections have up to 15 rows of seats with the entrance to each section at Row 3. We highly recommend paying a little extra to sit in a lower row. The views are much better and accessing Upper Concourse amenities is more convenient. Best 300 Level Seats  The best seats in the 300 Level will depend on the type of event you are attending. For Lakers and Clippers games, sideline sections have the best view of the court. Meanwhile, sections on the ends will be somewhat obstructed by the basket. For most concerts, sections 319 and 334 are closest to the stage and have a better-than-expected view. Conversely, the highest rows in corner sections have the worst views. Finally, for Kings games we recommend sitting in the lowest row possible in any section. Whether you're along the side, in the corner, or behind the net, you'll be able to comfortably follow the action. The Kings shoot twice towards sections 321-332, making these popular among home fans. 300 Level Complaints A large block of Suites separates the lower seating bowl from this level. As a result, some fans complain that these sections are too high up and removed from the action. To avoid this issue, purchase tickets in a low row or avoid this area altogether. 

    • For Hockey - Recommended For Partying and Socializing


      Upper level prices leaves more money in your pocket for food, drink, and cabs. City View Diner located nearby offers draft beer and great snacks

    • For Hockey - Recommended For Great Views of the Ice


      Highest level but with a view any true Hockey fan will enjoy. Appreciate the intricacies of the game with a behind the net view & Kings shoot twice!

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